Board Search & Advisory

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The differentiation of Sadovnick Partners' Board and Advisory Practice is, as always, about people. Unique is our synergy of people skills and experience in executive search and business, and in sitting and contributing on and working with Boards of diverse industries.

We are Advisors to candidates for Board positions, and as corporate leaders engaging with and presenting to their Board Members. We invest time with each select individual to align on the best way to brand and differentiate him or herself. We focus on preparing each for the process to find and secure Board positions, including restructuring resumes, bios, and cover letters, and the critical action of maximizing the effectiveness of all our networking. Video Interviews are also a valuable resource offered to articulate who you are and add credibility. We continue our advisory and consult on the interview process and negotiation of terms for offers.

At the same time, this expertise is also offered to the many professionals requesting this advisory to brand and differentiate him or herself with the focus to their search for better career opportunities.

We recruit Board Members for public, private, equity-backed, major private and family-owned companies, as well as startups and NPO's, locally, regionally and internationally. We work closely with clients to ensure that their Boards have a diverse blend of skills and experience that contribute to achieving an aligned and successful strategic direction. We advise Board Members looking to strategically build out their team and senior management, along with the business strategy to achieve their mission.

Our synergistic expertise

As the "speed and reality" of business has changed we have seen a greater call for diversity, independence, and dynamic expertise in the boardroom. Coupled with the limited number of active CEOs, Senior Executives and qualified candidates able and willing to take on external roles, organizations must look at new and varied candidate pools, and plan for succession. At Sadovnick Partners we work smart to identify game-changing talent that is uniquely qualified to meet the needs of our clients.

We develop trusted relationships with the executives and Board Members, to know their business, mission and culture, and invest our expertise, resources, knowledge and relationships to secure the individual who is the right fit for their Board. They expect us to lead the effort to attract and secure the best player the Board selects.  Similarly, the potential candidates determine our credibility (by knowing the Board, management, and business) and then trust our presentation of a Board opportunity; and in fact, then trust our advisory on whether it is a right fit for them, and, how to best present themselves to win the spot. Our advisory service to the client, from experience sitting on and working with Board Members, then offers the CEO et al, and the Board, how to most effectively interact and accomplish results together.